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5th International Workshop on Computer Vision
May 18-20 Lecce (ITALY)

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** Pictures by Luc Vincent **
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** NEWS**
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** NEWS** The registration page is now open **NEWS**

This workshop will consist of high-quality invited talks by distinguished speakers. The main goal is to encourage people to talk about work in progress,so there will be no published proceedings. 

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The fifth edition of IWCV will be held in Patria Palace Hotel, Lecce, Salento (Apulia), Italy.
The workshop will begin Wednesday morning May 18 and conclude on Friday afternoon May 20. There will be a banquet on May 19 as the main social event.
Lecce & Salento
The Salento is sun-kissed year round. Alongside art, excellent Mediterranean cuisine, and genuine hospitality, the area boasts a fabulous landscape, ranging from the Adriatic coast and the marinas of Santa Cesarea Terme and Otranto, to the Ionian Sea and towns like Porto Cesareo, Portoselvaggio and Gallipoli.

dawn on adriatic sea (Palascia lighthouse) Sunset on Ionian sea

Here, the Middle Ages are tinged with an Oriental hue and, in
Grecìa Salentina, you can still hear ancient nursery rhymes in the Griko dialect. In towns like Melpignano ancient rhythms are turned into contemporary music at the Notte della Taranta festival.
A green peninsula fringed by two seas, this is a magical land in which mysterious dolmens and menhirs indicate the way, hidden amidst the olive trees and drystone walls of the countryside between
Giurdignano and Minervino di Lecce, and where ancient masserie (manor farms) have been transformed into sophisticated hotels. Take a hike and discover Early Christian churches and hypogeum olive-presses. Be sure not to miss the natural wonders of the sea caves at Castro and Santa Maria di Leuca.

Domincani_2 Fiermontina

A stroll through Lecce is a journey into the Baroque, with churches and palazzos embroidered in stone, and courtyards, secret gardens and a surprising Roman amphitheater in the heart of the city.
Villages reveal workshops where artisans craft objects out of papier-mâché and local stone. The
local cuisine boasts all the flavors of the Salento, which are best accompanied by excellent local wines – try tria (homemade pasta prepared with chickpeas), the flavorful wild vegetables, and delicious sweets such as pasticciotto (which has a crème filling) and spumoni (excellent artisanal ice cream).

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